These photos of Emma Watson’s doppelgänger will blow your mind

Should you occur to appear like Emma Watson then you definately’d be silly to not make the most of it, proper?

Kari Lewis, a cosplayer and Hufflepuff from Indianapolis, U.S., seems to be greater than a bit just like the Harry Potter star — and judging by her latest Instagram posts, she’s definitely attempting to take advantage of the similarity.


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“I did not know who Emma Watson was once I was first noticed at a postal workplace and a few younger ladies advised me I appeared like ‘Hermione Granger’,” Lewis told BuzzFeed.

“If it wasn’t for these two younger ladies, I most likely would not have recognized about Harry Potter till a bit later. I believe they type of began my dive into the Harry Potter world.”

Now Lewis usually cosplays as Emma Watson — and her numerous characters — and shares the photographs on her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

A bit dolled up.

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You may actually get a way of their similarity from the next two black-and-white, aspect on photographs.


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Oh, and here is a composite that is half Lewis, half Watson.

Even a well-made Polyjuice potion would wrestle to provide such a spell-binding likeness.

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