All the clues you might’ve missed

As July 16 creeps ever nearer, HBO continues to tease us with maddeningly imprecise snippets of footage from Recreation of Thrones Season 7, whereas we proceed to desperately dissect every new shot for clues.

The newest video comes courtesy of HBO Spain, after the community hosted a pop-up exhibit in Madrid that allowed followers to get a sneak peek at Season 7. Fortunately for all of us who cannot jump over to Spain proper now, HBO posted footage of what the followers have been seeing to their Facebook web page.


Here is what we will glean from the brand new pictures — when you blinked, you would possibly’ve missed the clues.

Is new maester on the Citadel?

This indistinguishable fellow is sporting the robes of a maester, and he is surrounded by ancient-looking texts — so it is a secure wager that he is within the Citadel at Oldtown, which ought to play a significant position in Season 7 now that Samwell is there. The maester’s face is just too blurry to make out, nevertheless it could possibly be Jim Broadbent, who is playing an archmaester within the new season.

Daenerys provides the evil eye

There’s nothing terribly outstanding about this shot of Daenerys slowly standing, besides that she appears like she’s about to go “dracarys” on somebody — and judging by the similarity between the background on this shot and the one beneath, we’d have a clue who her goal is. 

Hearth means dragons cannot be far

There are many pictures of battles between the Lannister military and Dany’s Unsullied and Dothraki forces within the new footage, and we all know from the Season 7 trailer that there is not less than one battle between Dany and the Lannisters that takes place on an open plain with a dragon flying overhead. May this be the second (which was beforehand teased in a Season 7 photo) that reveals Dany utilizing one in every of her dragons to roast some Lannister troopers? 

Jon Snow dons much more fur

On this scene, Jon’s out of the comfortable confines of Winterfell and again in his furs — between his snuggly ensemble, frosty hair and the icy backdrop, it appears like he is north of the Wall once more, able to deal with the White Walkers.

Jon Snow rallies the North, as he does

Jon additionally will get the one new line of dialogue within the preview video, telling the opposite nobles, “yesterday’s wars don’t matter; the North must band collectively.”

The Greyjoys are nonetheless on a ship

We additionally get a shot of the battle that takes place on Theon Greyjoy’s ship — right here it appears like Theon and Yara are combating different Iron Islanders, if not their uncle Euron himself.

Dany goes spelunking, kinda

Elsewhere, Dany is exploring a darkish cave; the rock formations look much like what we have seen of Dragonstone thus far — might she be looking for dragonglass, the one materials other than Valyrian metal that we all know can destroy the White Walkers?

What’s up Cersei?

Is that this Cersei’s bed room? The decor appears totally different from what we have seen of her chambers in King’s Touchdown — is it doable that she’s at Casterly Rock, the ancestral seat of the Lannister household, which many consider would be the goal of an Unsullied attack?

Yay, Pod’s again!

It is a shot of Brienne and Pod coaching in what appears just like the courtyard of Winterfell. We’re principally simply glad to see them.

Jaime on a horse, once more

Jaime and Bronn are again in motion, marshaling the Lannister forces — are they going to face off with Dany? That is a showdown we will not wait to see.

Recreation of Thrones Season 7 premieres July 16 on HBO.

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