No need to worry, just hundreds of thousands of fire ants forming living towers

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Scientists have made a horrible, but fascinating, discovery: hearth ants can kind into dwelling towers to outlive flooding. 

The bugs have proven their survivor instincts earlier than by forming rafts made up of 1000’s of ants, as seen above in footage captured in Texas final month. 

These bugs are decided to outlive — and it does not simply cease at rafts. A study out Wednesday from researchers on the Georgia Institute of Expertise discovered hearth ants cluster collectively to kind towers of tons of of 1000’s of ants greater than 30 ants excessive, all to flee floods.

The examine, revealed in Royal Society Open Science, says the ants have developed to hyperlink their our bodies to maintain colonies collectively. Sticky pads on the backside of their ft assist construct the constructions that defend the bugs from rain and water.

Of their lab, the researchers filmed ants constructing 26 totally different towers to see how they constructed the constructions with out getting crushed and to see what the towers seemed like. They discovered that it took the ants about 25 minutes to construct the towers which might be wider on the backside than on the prime. It seems hearth ants emulate constructions just like the Eiffel Tower in Paris and never your typical skyscraper.

Fire ants form a tower in a Louisiana swamp.

Fireplace ants kind a tower in a Louisiana swamp.

The New York Times put collectively a video concerning the ants’ constructing expertise, which grossed out and concurrently impressed a lot of the web.

 Sleep tight. 🐜

Video credit score: Fb/Ron Wooten through Storyful.

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