‘Hamburger straws’ are Japan’s newest way to make the rest of us wonder what’s going on over there

Generally Instagram traits discover the gorgeous type that meals can take, and generally they’re actually freaking bizarre.

Complicated at it might appear, a brand new development has emerged in Japan that entails sticking McDonald’s hamburgers on consuming straws.

In keeping with Kotaku, the development hasn’t reached worldwide as of but, however is turning into so common in Japan that it was coated on 2ch, Japan’s largest on-line bulletin board. It is known as “drink x hamburger” (ハンバーガーxドリンク or hanbaagaa x dorinku) or “hamburger straw” (ハンバーガー ストロー or hanbaagaa sutoroo).

All it actually entails is sticking a hamburger on a straw and taking an Insta-worthy photograph, just like an earlier donut drink development. However this time… it is burgers.

We’ve got to confess, this does look fairly scrumptious, even when it is a bit unusual.

You possibly can even do that with breakfast sandwiches. The web would not discriminate.

We do not know the way you are able to do this with out getting bits of burger in your drink, however all that issues is that it appears good for the ‘Gram. 

Nice, now we’re craving a giant, juicy cheeseburger. Thanks, Japan.

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