Here’s why those ‘Game of Thrones’ cave paintings look so oddly familiar

Warning: Accommodates spoilers for Sport of Thrones Season 7, episode four.

Assuming Jon Snow did not swiftly knock up these cavings work in a determined try and persuade Daenerys the White Walkers are actual, there’s an opportunity they could have the ability to inform us one thing.

As a result of no element in Sport of Thrones is ever there by chance, proper?

So first, a fast recap: when Jon Snow led Daenerys into that dragonglass collapse on Sunday’s episode, she was greeted with a bunch of bizarre twisty patterns like this:

If these patterns have a look at all acquainted to you, there is a good motive for that: we have seen them earlier than.

As showrunner David Benioff identified within the behind-the-scenes YouTube video for episode 4, the patterns are literally the identical ones that the White Walkers beforehand made utilizing frozen corpses within the snow.

“One of many issues we realized from these cave work is that the White Walkers did not give you these photos,” mentioned Benioff. 

“They derived them from their creators, the kids of the forest.”

Very pretty and creative.

Very fairly and artistic.

Seriously, who would've thought White Walkers could be so artistic?

Critically, who would’ve thought White Walkers may very well be so creative?

In order that’s all very nicely and good, however what do the patterns really signify?

“These are patterns which have mystical significance for the kids of the forest,” Benioff continued. “We’re unsure precisely what they signify, however spiral patterns are essential in plenty of totally different cultures in our world, and it is sensible that they might be on this world as nicely.”

If there’s one one who would possibly have the ability to shed some mild on that situation, it is Bran. 

We won’t think about he’ll be explaining it anytime quickly, although.

You’ll be able to watch the total behind-the-scenes video right here:

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